Arrived St Johns

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Thu 19 Jun 2008 16:18
Noon Position: 47 34.0 N 052 43.3 W
Alongside St Johns
Wind: Calm
Weather: Fog
Day’s Run: 46 nm
Total Annapolis to St Johns: 1372

Hooray we made it to St Johns at last, only 18 days out. While it by no
means started out as q quick trip the last three days really put a hole in
our figures. The last 24 hours I have been doing quite a bit of motoring and
I normally avoid motoring when I can but to know that St Johns is less than
60 miles away and good winds were three days away was more than I could
stand. We got some sailing in last night between 10 p.m. and 4 a.m. –
mostly with fog of course which had me looking out rather frequently for
icebergs, not that I had much chance of seeing them, I think you would have
felt them first. I noticed as we went past the big one a few days back that
you could feel the cold air coming of it, like when someone opens the fridge
door. So I got a few hours rest after the wind left and then at 6.30 got up
started the engine and motored the rest of the way in. It was still very
foggy and finding the entrance even with the aid of GPS proved a little
exciting, the entrance is not called the Narrows for nothing and at one
point I thought I was at the entrance but it turned out to be a blind alley
right next to it. When I did find the entrance it was even narrower than I
remembered, did Paul and I really tack through this narrow channel last
year. I suspect the fog makes everything seems smaller than it does on a
sunny day.
We arrived alongside at 8.45 and a short while later the customs people
arrived to clear us in. I think Bob Cat has forgotten what people look
like, when that stepped below he took one look at them and bolted. He is
hiding somewhere down the back, the Customs people left an hour ago and he
is still spooked. He will emerge.
Now that we are alongside I can go to an internet café with broadband and
upload some photos for the trip so far.
All is well.

Bob Cat: