Slow Going

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Thu 30 Apr 2015 06:40
Noon Position: 59 10.5 N 141 00.2 W
Course: North Nor' East Speed: 3 knots
Wind: East, F3 gentle breeze
Sea slight, Swell South 1 metre
Weather: sunny, cool
Day's run: 77 nm.sailed, 27 nm made good.

Over the last 24 hours we have experienced calms and light head winds, consequently we have not gotten very far in our desired direction towards Dixon Entrance, especially as the current is also pushing against us, at about a knot. On the positive side, conditions have been very pleasant so I am not complaining.

We are now about 50 miles to the south west of Yakutat Bay. There is a VHF station there which transmits the weather, so my intention is to close the coast until we pick up a weather forecast. Ideally I would like to get close enough to see if we can regain Iridium coverage so that I can send some messages to update Sylph's web log and to let family and friends know that all is well. If the forecast is favourable I will keep on going, if not I will probably seek shelter in Yakutat Bay somewhere until it changes. Chicago Cove looks very snug and secure, and is recommended by the US Pilot as a small craft anchorage.

2200 Update.

We have closed the coast and are in the vicinity of Yakutat Bay. I have managed to regain comms for the moment. The VHF forecast looks good so we will press on. I expect that my communications will drop in and out depending on my range from the coast, so please do not worry if the blog is not updated as regularly as is my custom when sailing.

All is well.