Lest We Forget

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Tue 11 Nov 2008 18:22
November 11, 2008
Noon Position: 36 57.9 N 073 52.1 W
Course: 090 Speed 6.5 knots
Weather: Clear skies, cool.
Day's Run: 115miles

A curious coincidence occurred to me just now. I was updating the chart and
writing the date down 11/11 when it occurred to me that it was Armistice Day
today (Veteran's Day in the US I think) and only an hour before I had
finished reading "All Quiet On The Western Front". The blurb says it is the
greatest war novel ever written and while I am often annoyed by the
hyperbole which is written on the dust jackets of many books, in this case I
could not argue with the statement. It also quotes someone as saying it
should be distributed by the millions and read in every school. This I am
less inclined to agree with, particularly the school bit. I doubt whether
school aged people would have the maturity to appreciate it but certainly
every world leader and elected politician should read it. I wonder if Obama
has read it, I would guess yes, Bush probably not. It was indeed a
privilege to be in the US for the Presidential election, what a process.
The world's largest democracy with an incredibly diverse population and a
terrible history is once more able to transform itself - there is hope.

Meanwhile in my tiny world we push on towards the horizon to see what lies
beyond. For a bit of interest I am comparing my voyage with that of a
sailing ship, the Hosea Higgins, which departed New York in May 1897 bound
for San Francisco by way of Cape Horn. Now of course I cannot compete with
a full rigged ship which in the right conditions could comfortably sail
better than 240 miles in a day compared to my very best of 160, nonetheless
we will be following a similar route and I am sure it will be an interesting
comparison. The Higgins for instance made 175 miles on its first day out
compared to Sylph's 115.

Now we are beam reaching in a light northerly making good about six knots.
I expect the wind will ease as a high pressure system overtakes us.
I have yet to get an updated forecast.

Bob Cat:

Rough last night, bobbing around again, sleeping in a nook down the back.
What a world.

They shall not grow old as we that are left grow old.
Age shall not weary them nor the years condemn
At the going down of the sun
and in the morning
We Shall Remember Them

Lest We Forget.