Back at the Squadron

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Fri 8 Feb 2019 13:34

Noon Position: 36 46.53 S  138 29.36 E
Alongside RSAYS, Adelaide Outer Harbour
Wind: SW,  F3 – light breeze
Weather: overcast, occasional light drizzle
Day’s run: 106 nm

The breeze freshened during the night and once round Cape Jervis we were able to run square up the Gulf of St. Vincent towards Adelaide. Just after midnight we gybed to adjust course to the nor’ nor’-east, arriving off the Port Adelaide breakwaters just on 0700.  We sailed in behind their shelter where we handed sail and started the engine to motor the last half mile into the Royal South Australian Yacht Squadron.

The plan is to stay here for the weekend to catch up with family.  Peter’s funeral is on the 19th, so next week if the weather is nice we may do a little local sailing.