Genset Refurbished and SheSails to Port Adelaide

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Mon 28 Nov 2022 06:30
Alongside RSAYS Marina
Weather: sunny and warm

The main project completed over the last two weeks was making a new container for the old Honda generator. The genset is now some fourteen years old and has seen some rough service; however, despite the casing being cracked, some rust in the peripherals and a few missing bits, it still runs quite satisfactorily (touch wood). One of the problems I have experienced in maintaining the generator is that to get at the working parts requires the case to be pulled apart which allows the whole innards of the machine to spill everywhere and then it becomes something of a three handed juggling act to get it all to fit back together again, making it a bit of nightmare to do any maintenance more complicated than an oil change. Consequently, I made a new case out of some plywood and designed it in such a way that it all comes apart while all of the main components to remain attached to the base board. I am pleased that that job is now finished and am hopeful that we will get a few more years of service out of it.
This last weekend has been a little hectic but in a very pleasant way. On Saturday afternoon and Sunday forenoon Sylph and I participated in the club's 'She Sails' cruise to Port Adelaide. The aim of the sail is to introduce novice women sailors to sailing in a relaxed and non-intimidating environment. It was a pleasure to sail with two ladies to the Inner Harbour on the Saturday afternoon and then, rotating crew, two more on Sunday. We remained overnight at a public pontoon and enjoyed dinner together at the nearby British Hotel.
Sunday was also the club's history day and we made it back at 1120, just time enough to have a shower before going to lunch in the club's dining room where I joined a table of Cape Horners, including Bob Walsh who sailed around Cape Horn in 1949 in the four-masted barque Passat. It was indeed an honour to be among their company. The past Commodore and OIC of the history group, Peter Kelly, made an excellent presentation, introducing all the old timers (and not so old) of the club (some members have been with the club for over sixty years) and giving a slide show of many of the iconic vessels that have passed through the club's register in its 153 years of existence. After lunch I opened Sylph up to visitors and it was gratifying to have a steady trickle of people who were clearly interested to have a look over my old vessel.
In all it has been a rewarding and enjoyable two weeks.
Ship's company's (ie me and Oli) morale is high.
All is well.
New Genset Cover