Fences and a Pub Library

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Thu 4 Jun 2015 01:42

Position: Alongside Sointula Harbour, Malcolm Island
Weather: overcast, mild

I had a pleasant stroll yesterday evening. Probably the most interesting thing about Sointula is some the fences. One was incredibly intricate, made of vertical wooden palings, topped with a rail which then had layers of carefully aligned pebbles on top of it, and then on top of the pebbles was a gabled roof structure reminding one of a Chinese pagoda. Another was made of artistically arranged driftwood, and a third was a series of carvings, with two large Easter Island style wooden statues forming a major part of its structure. The second most interesting thing I found was a small library in the pub. Most of the books must have been seventy or more years old, with all sorts of obscure titles. It really was something of a time capsule. I later found out from the publican, Ray, that the collection had belonged to his father-in-law and when he died rather than throw the books out (he reckoned he could not have given them away) he set up the reading room. Patrons of the pub are allowed to borrow or swap books as they please. Unfortunately, with Sylph already overloaded with books, I had to restrain myself and only borrow one title.  Apparently I made for a rather novel sight, sitting reading and sipping on a glass of wine.  Despite the reading room, Ray said that no one sits in the pub and reads.  I might go back tonight for a closer scrutiny to see if there is anything else I really cannot do without.

Wind wise, there is bit of a breeze now, but most of the day has been calm.  Today I have topped up some supplies, changed the engine oil, and done some laundry. Some wind is forecast for tomorrow. Hopefully the forecast will prove correct so that we can get some sailing in.

All is well.