Still Sailing

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Tue 17 Apr 2018 23:08
An update to let everyone know that Sylph and I have not yet fallen off the edge of the world, nor swallowed the anchor.  For now we remain based in Wollongong Boat Harbour and are enjoying its weather and the conviviality of the small and friendly Wollongong Yacht Club.  We have been competing regularly in their races and since Sylph’s bottom clean and a bit of a weight reduction programme have been doing OK.  Mind you, a series of fresh windy days have helped Sylph quite a bit.  An ode to Sylph after our last race written by one of the club members.

Autumn Race 1
The wind blowin’ thirty and gustin’ some more
Six boats out to race, they’re ready to roar
Half way to the Islands, wind now over forty
Sphincters jammed shut, this ain’t very sporty
Ole’ Rikki turns back, jib 3 torn and tattered
Merlot and Swagger turn too, gettin’ battered
Merinka tears his halliard right off his main
Cleanskin’s jib blown, dear god, what a pain!
Sylph comes on home, alone she’s victorious
Robert and Katie, your sailing was glorious!


1st, 2nd and 3rd.......Sylph.....Go you good thing! The lone survivor!

Rikki, Merlot, Swagger,Merinka Cleanskin....All DNF..

For now, in between a few friendly races,  I am progressing some maintenance and mods to Sylph’s cockpit to lighten her stern, as well working on my studies.  Next month (May) we will sail down to Melbourne for a clan gathering and medium term I am hoping to get back to some ocean voyaging come the Southern summer.
And Sylph’s potential new crewmember is making excellent progress – she is still smiling.
All is well.