Thank You Yori & Ann-Marie

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Thu 11 Jun 2015 23:29

Position: Alongside Yori's dock, Gorge Harbour
Wind: North West, F4 moderate breeze
Weather: sunny, warm

I have enjoyed a wonderful three days with Yori and Ann-Marie. They have been very generous and helpful to me and RC. As well as enjoying their company and food each evening, Yori has helped me repair my sheet winch and drifter. He has also taken me on an interesting tour of the island, and introduced me to a sailor-dentist, with whom I have made an appointment for tomorrow for a check up.

Today Yori and Ann-Marie have gone into Campbell River to do some shopping. They will not be back until late so we said our farewells last night.  Shortly I will be moving Sylph around the corner to Whaletown Bay, where the dentist's surgery is located on a floating dock.

All is well.