The Rock

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Sun 20 Sep 2009 20:08
Alongside Queensway Quay Marina, Gibraltar
Wind: West, fresh breeze .
Weather: Sunny, warm

Today I climbed the rock and saw the famous Gibraltar monkeys. I took the walking path around the south face which was a little strenuous but well worth the effort, as well as feeling virtuous in getting a good work out I got to see some superb views. At the top I came out at a World War Two gun emplacement with a large 11 inch gun still in situ. The gates into the compound were locked and initially I thought I had got to the top too late, also I had seen no monkeys, but as I walked back towards town via the roadway I found a sign which said the compound was only opened by appointment and then came to a lookout site and there were some of the monkeys. They are obviously very comfortable with people and get very close. Signs warn that they may bite and not to feed them. Apparently they are fed a balanced diet and tourists feeding them and interacting too closely with them only disrupts their social fabric and causes health problems. I was therefore a little annoyed to see some people ignoring the guidance, but I guess that is the nature of these things. Unfortunately my digital camera died today so I was only able to get some video footage, I hope I maybe able to capture a few stills from the video and post these to the blog in due course.

All is well.

Bob Cat:

Today I got to stay on the boat and . . . Zzzzzzz