Heavy Breathing and Slow Going

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Mon 9 Jun 2008 17:39
Noon Position: 42 17.0 N 065 27.6 W
Course: East North East Speed: 4.5 knots
Wind: West, gentle breeze
Weather: Sunny, clear skies, good visibility, mild
Day's Run: 75 nm

It has certainly been slow going. Since leaving Annapolis we have only had
two days where the day's run has exceeded 100 nm, with a particularly bad
day of only 31 miles last Friday/Saturday (those of you who followed my blog
last year might remember that a day's run at sea goes from midday to
midday). With the light winds I have had the sails up and down numerous
times. The drifter is a great light weather sail but you don't want to be
caught out with this up when the wind picks up, so I tend to be fairly
conservative with it, already I've had to do two minor repairs to it. And I
definitely want it to last to Greenland, I want to see if I can get a photo
of our kangaroo in front of an iceberg.
The wind was very light overnight so the drifter served us well but now the
sun is shining, the breeze has picked up to a nice steady 10 knots plus and
we are sailing with the full main and jib.
Marine life is starting to pick up. Lots of heavy breathing last night,
numerous dolphins with their high pitched snuffle and then the low pitch
long noted wheeze of a whale or three. So far we have only sighted a couple
of pilot whales, both this morning. The bioluminescence was particularly
brilliant last night, the dolphins' paths streaks of liquid light as they
played around the bow, every little breaking wave crest a foaming fireball,
and Sylph's bow wave and wake gleaming brightly afore and astern. A pretty
I made the mistake of giving Bob Cat a treat yesterday, a can of cat food to
make a change from the dry food. He loved that but you should have heard
the complaints this morning when it was back to the dry stuff. Now he's in
the cockpit enjoying the sun.
With the fair weather I broke out the sextant this morning and completed a
couple of sun sights. It is completely obsolete in this day and age of GPS
but I like to keep my hand in and the art alive. It all still works.
All is well.

Bob Cat:

I'm not one to complain but I have to say that the service on this cruise
leaves quite a bit to be desired. The food is monotonous and tastes like
dry cardboard. Yesterday we were served quite a tasty dish of seafood
something or other, but this morning it was back to the cardboard. I asked
to see the head steward but skipper Bob just gave me one of his dumb looks -
his usual expression - and left me to it. And this morning I am enjoying a
nice bit of sunshine out on the patio when skipper Bob starts fussing and
that annoying great white thing appears above us again, and it blocked out
the sun. So it was back to the cool quiet of the salon. Now at last all
seems to have settled, despite the white thing being up there is a nice spot
of sun on the patio so I've found a cozy spot to further my research.