Where Next?
Bob Williams
Thu 12 Nov 2009 00:47
Alongside Salvador
Weather: Sunny, warm

Remembrance Day, I spared a moment from my painting, the world is not perfect but it could be a lot worse but for those who have been willing to die for some things they believed are important. It is complicated and perhaps never as pure and clean cut as we would like, but the idea of being free to be ourselves as best we can, to be free to be with those we care about, to be free to do stupid things like sail around the world if we get it into our heads to do so, I think this might be important and I am grateful to have had the freedom to make all the stupid mistakes that only I could have made.

All is well.

Bob Cat

Here's to the F words. Friends, family, fate, forgiveness, felines, freedom, forever.

Alright enough already, I will burst into tears in a minute. The really interesting thing about today is that there was something in my food bowl that looked like, smelt like, even tasted like . meat .. chicken even. I am not sure about this because I have not tasted this culinary delicacy in many a year now, my old memory may be playing tricks with me, wishful thinking perhaps. But another suspicious thing, the skipper wasn't cooking in the galley tonight, .it was this unknown young person. Are the two events related in some mysterious way? I have a nice full tummy, what a strange feeling, I think I need to have a . . . Zzzzzzzz.