Light Winds

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Fri 20 May 2011 00:53
Noon Position: 19 00.8 S 172 00.0 W
Course: West Speed: 3 knots
Wind: West nor' weat, F3 gentle breeze
Weather: Mostly sumny, warm, smooth seas
Day's run: 120 nm

We have enjoyed light but steady winds and smooth seas over the last 24 hours and for the conditions have made a respectable day's run of 120 nm. Conditions are getting lighter and more variable as we approach another slow moving front. I can see thunderheads and showers on the horizon and expect we may well have a long night ahead of us. I think it will be touch and go whether we make it into harbour tomorrow, I suspect not, but it matters little. While Tonga lies to the east of the dateline its time zone is +13 as opposed to -11, which means it is a day ahead of us, so it would be Saturday if we arrive tomorrow and I would probably have to remain on board until Monday, so as long as conditions aren't too bad we may as well be sailing.

All is well.