Going Backwards

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Sun 15 Jun 2008 15:51
Noon Position: 46 35.4 N 055 34.5 W
Course: East Southeast Speed: 2.0 knots
Wind: East Northeast, light breeze
Weather: Overcast, patches of fog, slight seas, visibility fair, cool
Day's Run: 75 nm

Light winds and fog overnight saw our daily run plummet, and while we sailed
75 miles through the water, as the wind was mostly light and directly on the
nose, in the ground covered towards Cape Race we actually went backwards. I
can see getting around this headland is going to be troublesome. I had
hoped to be rounding it later today but with current and forecast conditions
I would say it is going to be at least another 24 hours, and then we are
going to have to contend with strong winds from a less than favourable
direction before we get to St Johns. Oh bother!

All is well.

Bob Cat:

Sometimes one just needs a bit of alone time. I have managed to acquire a
space for such time when I need to further my vocation with particular
intensity; mind you it is a bit of a chore to get to. I have to go from the
bunk where skipper Bob normally sleeps, jump across a gap to a settee, up
onto a table, from there a leap to another table where skipper Bob always
has these large pieces of paper which he is frequently scratching at, this
is generally a good place to stop for a rest in preparation for the next leg
(and it invariably seems to get me some attention from skipper Bob - though
he really does not seem to appreciate me helping him with his scratchings,
he has these funny wooden sticks he has to use - poor humans), then a final
death defying leap to yet another table top, then over a small rail, past
some vegetables in a basket and at last back to my dark cosy corner - my
study where I can get some serious work done. I end up travelling some 30
feet which in a straight line is only 10 feet away, the hurdles we sometimes
have to surmount in order to get to where we need to go.