Cabot Strait

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Sun 26 Aug 2007 16:46
Noon Position: 48 45.1 N 059 07.4 W
Course 210 Speed 6.3 knots
Wind SSE 20 knots

This will be a very short entry today. We are punching into a southerly
breeze as we try to make our way south. The mainsail and jib are reefed
down, we are enjoying some shelter from the waves with the land upwind of us
but as we move out into Cabot Strait later tonight we will lose this
protection. Fortunately the wind is a forecast to ease a little and veer
into the northwest which will be excellent for the direction we want to go
I have a small drip overhead my saloon table, not good for the computer, so
am working at the chart table, a little awkward so that's all from me for