Almost There

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Sat 25 Jun 2011 11:36

Noon Position: 29 54.0 S 153 41.0 E
South, Speed: 4 knots
South east, F1-3 light air to slight breeze
overcast, cool
Day's run: 130 miles

Despite the fact that we are sitting under a nice big high pressure system we are experiencing conditions more likely to be associated with a trough; lots of cloud, occasional showers and variable winds, which in all is making for slow progress as we once more try to make headway into baffling headwinds. But we had an excellent run overnight, 130 miles, I think we are now getting a bit of a boost from the East Australia Coast current, which leaves us about 35 miles to go. I have given Customs our ETA as 10.00 Monday (certainly not going to go in before Monday and give lots of money to the Australian Government) and I think with a bit of luck we might just about make it by then.

We are still out in the middle of the ocean to all intents and purposes, though shipping traffic has increased a bit and last night I heard a weather report on VHF from Seaway Tower, Southport, which is a little south of Brisbane. Also I could make out the loom of some lights emanating from some coastal townships. Tantalisingly close now, but we haven't crossed our outbound track yet. Tomorrow I expect.

All is well.