Returning to Port Jackson

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Sun 28 Apr 2024 03:23

Noon Position: 32 35.4 S 152 12.8 E
Course: SSW Speed 5 knotss
Wind: NE, F3 - gentle breeze
Sea: slight Swell: SE 1.5 m
Weather: sunny, warm
Day's run: 5 nm

I have enjoyed a very pleasant couple of days catching up with my friend in Port Stephens and now, with a favourable breeze forecast for the next two days and foul winds from Tuesday, it is time to return to Sydney.

We slipped the public mooring at 1050 just as the wind was starting to fill in from the NE. Initially we had to tack out of the Heads but once clear of Point Stephens we were able to ease sheets and bear away to the SSW. Now we are under full main, the code zero set to starboard, and the jib poled out to port. I contemplated hoisting the spinnaker but the wind is a little shy off the quarter for it to set cleanly, particularly when we are relying on the windvane self-steering to hold a steady course, so I have opted for the above sail plan instead.

The breeze is expected to freshen this evening so, with a bit of luck, we should be back in Port Jackson sometime tomorrow morning.

All is well.