Photos - Wadamari

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Wed 12 Feb 2014 04:23
Sylph alongside, note tsunami wall:
m_Japan2 020
Japanese garden, presumable the house of someone quite rich:
m_Japan2 021
RC, where are we now?
m_Japan2 029
m_Japan2 032
Japanese fishing boat, GRP, but traditional lines:
m_Japan2 038
A small boat harbour:
m_Japan2 044
Wooden fence made of plastic (the world is crazy):
m_Japan2 046
The Cemetery:
m_Japan2 048
House like crypt:
m_Japan2 055
Tsunami wall continued:
m_Japan2 058
Computer man, Ken, and family pay Sylph a visit:
m_Japan2 064
RC recovering:
m_Japan2 065