Calm before the Storm?

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Thu 3 Jul 2008 18:06
Noon Position: 59 21.4 N 050 51.4 W
Course: North Speed: 3knots
Wind: Southeast, gentle breeze
Weather: Sushine
Day's Run: 72 miles

As you can see from our day's run we have slowed down quite a bit but still
making satisfactory progress in the right direction. A few more miles and
we will be abeam Kap Farvel, albeit some 200 miles to the west of it. Right
now the sun is shining and it is relatively warm, 12 C (53 F) down below and
obviously a lot warmer out in the sun. We have a light breeze with the
mainsail and drifter drawing us along at a relaxing three knots.
But . . . according to my weather forecast it isn't going to remain this
way for long, this time tomorrow it is supposed to be blowing 40 knots plus
with the winds starting to pick up this evening; fortunately from the
southeast which we will be able to run before, this will reduce the apparent
wind speed and hopefully the ride should be a lot more comfortable. We will
see what Bob Cat has to say about it tomorrow.
Today I have been making preparations for the weather, tying things down
more securely on deck and down below, with particular attention to the cat
tray, we don't want Bob Cat and kitty litter capsizing again, also making
sure the storm sails are close to hand. If we run before the wind we
shouldn't need them, just a bit of jib unfurled should give us good steerage
way. I may have to hand steer for a while, we will see how the wind vane
handles the strong winds, normally it does pretty well but if it gets really
strong it starts to vibrate and threatens to shake itself to pieces, and I
don't want that. With luck it the gale won't be as strong as is being
So now I must get back to a few other chores, next job is to check out the
series drogue which hasn't seen the light of day for a long time; take
advantage of the calm before the storm.

Bob Cat:

It is perfect right now. Skipper Bob seems to be fussing about the place
more than usual, but there is no accounting for humans, especially this one.

All is well.