Where Next?
Bob Williams
Mon 18 Jul 2016 09:08
Position: Alongside Cruising Yacht Club of Australia
Wind: calm
Sea: calm Swell: Nil
Weather: sunny, warm
This morning we took delivery of a new headsail from Sydney Sailmakers.  It is a bit smaller and heavier than the previous headsail so I am hoping that while we might sacrifice a bit of light wind performance it will prove a more versatile and longer lasting sail than the previous headsail.  The mainsail was repaired by North Sails and returned last week, so now Sylph is sailable again.  Later in the week we will most likely head down to Greenwell Point in the Crookhaven River, where we will spend some time doing a bit more maintenance on Sylph and myself, plus, I hope a bit of study.
All is well.