Myponga Beach Day Two

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Wed 4 Jan 2023 07:14
At Anchor off Myponga Beach
Wind: SE F4
Sea: calm Swell: SE 0.5 m
Weather: partly cloudy, mild

Today we enjoyed a relaxing day at anchor off Myponga Beach, doing a couple of minor boat chores in the forenoon, in the afternoon going for a short jog up a hill in the way of exercise, and once back on board going for a quick dip over the side to freshen up.
"Why am I pottering?", I hear you ask. Good question. While my goal of spending Christmas with family has been realised, I have also been taking the opportunity while based in Adelaide to have a few health checks done prior to setting off on any more long voyages. So, for now I cannot wander too far and am satisfying my exploratory urges with finding local nooks and coves that I have not visited before.
Day three of veggie curry again this evening.
The forecast remains for fresh winds out of the SE, so tomorrow I reckon I will go for a short sail to Rapid Bay, 15 nm to the south of here.
Oli eats and sleeps, and ...

All is well.