Where Next?
Bob Williams
Mon 23 Oct 2023 10:38

Position: Moored Rushcutters Bay, Port Jackson
Wind: N F2
Sea: calm Swell: nil
Weather: mostly sunny, warm

This week has been pretty quiet. For the most part I have been resting, not so much recovering from the Tollgate Island Race, but rather recuperating from the nasty cold that I caught a few weeks ago. I am pleased to say that I am feeling much better now with energy levels almost back to normal, and I have at last shaken the last of the cough (I hope). As the weather warms, hopefully the worst of the flu season is now behind us.

The next major event in Sylph's Sydney to Hobart Race campaign is the Cabbage Tree Island Race starting Friday 1 December. Cabbage Tree Island is about eighty miles to the north of Sydney, just off Port Stevens, making for a total race length of 160nm. Hopefully the winds will be a little kinder to Sylph in this race. Between now and then I will continue odd jobs in the way of Sylph's regular maintenance schedule. You may also recall that we broke part of the masthead fitting back in early August. I had effected a repair to the fitting but if possible I will try to get a more permanent repair completed in the next few weeks. And, with a little luck. I might even be able to fit in a short sail up or down the coast to get away from Sydney (and all these nasty germs) for a little while.

All is well.