A Philosophical Day

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Mon 10 Mar 2014 12:28

Position: Alongside Sato Ne
Wind: North west F3-4 gentle to moderate breeze
Weather: sunny, cool

I have enjoyed another quiet day while waiting for the wind to shift. Most of it I spent studying a bit of philosophy – good grief, I ask myself, what am I doing? At least it keeps my mind active when not solving problems of a more down to earth nature, such as the heads, and I do enjoy the online discussions. A “Skype” call home to family in the afternoon also provided a boost to the crew's morale. Then I had a pleasant walk up to a small Buddhist shrine overlooking the bay, followed by my soak in the onsen.

The plan remains to get underway tomorrow and to sail overnight so as to be alongside Nagasaki before sunset Wednesday.

All is well.