Plain Sailing

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Thu 18 Feb 2021 23:37

Noon Position: 42 18.8 S 169 16.1 E
Course: NE Speed 4 knots
Wind: SW F3 Sea: slight Swell: SW 1 meters
Weather: cloudy, mild
Day’s run: 75 nm

I am delighted to report that for the last 24 hours we have been sailing, the BRM lies peaceful and undisturbed. (Oli, I am sure, approves.*) Overnight the wind slowly backed into the SW so that at 0100 this morning we were able to pole the jib to port. Sylph now runs wing-on-wing making good a steady three too four knots.

We have ended up a long way offshore trying to keep some wind, and also to keep the swell aft so as to be able to hold the wind in our sails. While there is less to see, from a single handing point of view life is a lot simpler. Winds are more consistent, navigation is easy, and there is very little traffic. Indeed, I have not seen another vessel, including on AIS, since leaving Stewart Island.

All is well.

*However, the battle for the pillow has not yet reached a conclusion. To give myself a fighting chance I am attempting to disarm him. Thus far the claws of three paws have been clipped with just the fore right paw remaining.