Where Next?
Bob Williams
Wed 5 Aug 2009 20:24
Position: Alongside Durgerdam Marina
Wind: South, light
Weather: Sunny, warm

By Thomas:

Yesterday we had a quiet night, and a dinner of fried rice. So after deep thoughts and deep converse we turned at the early hour of 22:00. This morning we got up and made our way into the harbour. After a shower and shave we turned our thoughts towards Amsterdam. We managed to become entangled in another strange public transportation system, but could not see fit to grumble, as the bus drivers were invariability friendly, even cutting us some slack after a missed bus. On the way in we observed the quiet town of Dugerdam, where more bicycles roamed the streets than cars. To our small surprise, no large buildings tilted our heads as we entered Amsterdam, which, as Bob pointed out, was probably a good thing, as the Dutch record for architecture is such that one prefers to keep as far from the buildings as possible. Even in Amsterdam we saw a couple of buildings leaning in towards the street that made us stop and stare. We stumbled around the city for a bit exploring the back allies and saw a classic: the girls in the window. Keeping our course we trod down towards an old replica of a ship. On our way we were accosted by a cyclist and his child who gave us tickets to see the robot museum called NEMO. So after stopping and admiring the ship (which was good ole' fashion timber) we went into the exhibit, who are we to deny providence. Within the exhibit we saw some interesting kinetic machines and a room full of pickled creatures and creature organs. Then after reading about DNA and how if you unravelled it it would be pretty long we entered the final exhibit and eventually left. Back on the street we wondered a bit more and ended up having lunch at a canal-side café. The waiter was the most interesting, as he seemed to aspire to go into theatre. After that we turned back boat-ward and had a relaxing pack and laundry wash. Tomorrow Thomas will be flying home.

Bob Cat:

The younger human seems to be preparing for departure so I made the most of his red cushion "suitcase". After the two humans left I elected to stay aboard for a nap and to keep an eye out for Elbuort*. There was no direct sign of him but the leak of the sea pump is continuing and I heard moaning. I am of yet undecided as to the reality of this ghoul.

*This is opposed to my custom of donning boots, cape, and mask and smuggling in and out of kitchens wheresoever we should stop. I risk life an limb to obtain the finest cuisine all over the world and am a feared legend in many cook cultures. Oh, it is an exciting, terrifying and joy-filled time, full of swashbuckling and the like. Or is that but a recurring dream (all the better)?