A Hike

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Tue 7 Dec 2010 00:33

Position: At Anchor Bahia Tongoy
Wind   Southwest F3-4 Gentle to Moderate Breeze
Weather: Sunny, mild

We enjoyed a very relaxing day at anchor, a nice long lie in followed by a hike ashore, this time in the opposite direction to yesterday‘s walk along the beach. The dry desert landscape was impressive, brown dust, black stones, cactus, tiny red plants a centimetre high with small white flowers, and a donkey. We passed through a small village, presumably catering to the fishing industry with its small wharf, beyond it we came across a curious collection of stones laid out in geometrical patterns making pathways and numerous rectangles, their purpose eluding us. We fetched up on a headland and sat and talked of many things then retraced out steps back to the dinghy and Sylph, there to enjoy a three course meal prepared by Martina. Life is very good. It seems my single handing days might well be over for the foreseeable future.

All is well.

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