WPR 30 – Up to Upholstery

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Sun 27 Sep 2020 08:12

Most of the bright-work has been completed bar a final touch up coat or two which I will do last after all other work is done so as to avoid the possibility of any unnecessary scratches and much cussing. The chimney has been installed through the hole in the coach house roof and just needs some tidying up. Work on the new saloon table is well underway. The plate locker is almost done, with the spud locker not far behind.  A new floorboard has been made for the new bit of floor space (or cabin sole for the nautically inclined) that now exists in front of the relocated heater. A new satphone antenna has been purchased and installed (thinking ahead to some more remote and adventurous sailing opportunities). And finally, we have started on the upholstery.

I am hoping that most of the interior work will be completed by the end of this week and then we can focus on sprucing up the exterior prior to going back in the water.


Chimney vent / Charlie Noble:


Satphone antenna (ugly!):


Plate stowage:


Spud locker:


Table and upholstery:


New floorboard emerging from epoxy:




All is well.