Progress Report

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Sun 8 Mar 2020 06:31

The quarter-berth furniture, with improvements, is almost all back together and repairs to the hull under the galley area are complete. Fortunately, the welding went much better than with the previous section under the quarter-berth. Today I applied the second coat of epoxy to the bilge under the galley and tomorrow I will start refitting the galley furniture.

The next major project is to attempt to remove the fuel tanks and treat the hull under them. A rather daunting prospect given their location deep in the bilge and the fact that the prop shaft runs over the top of them.

Meanwhile, while not busy doing other things, I have been trying to remove the large sprocket that sits on top of the rudder post.  To do this I first need to remove a key from its keyway but, despite using a large hammer on a hardened metal wedge, lots of WD40 over several days, and the application of a butane torch, the key refuses to budge. I am afraid this is going to be a very long refit.

Nonetheless, we are making progress and Kate and Oli are still here.

All is well.


Hull under galley repaired and painted:


The recalcitrant key-way: