Passing Time

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Mon 11 Feb 2019 11:31
Position: Alongside RSAYS, Adelaide Outer Harbour

Kate and I were hoping to pass the time over the next week with a little cruising around the Gulf of St Vincent but unfortunately the wind is proving uncooperative. All the anchorages around the Gulf are pretty exposed and conditions are not settled enough for me to feel confident in being able to relax for any length of time in any of them.  Consequently, we have decided to revert to plan B and head for Marina Adelaide tomorrow where the weekly rate is relatively inexpensive compared to the RSAYS (though the first three days being free at the Squadron is a definite treat, especially these days).

Something I forgot to mention yesterday was the pleasure of catching up again with Captain Coconut (aka Mark Sinclair) of recent Golden Globe fame. As I have perhaps previously mentioned, Mark and I joined the Navy together in 1977. Mark is one of the world’s rare affable and competent gentle people, easy to get on with and always a pleasure to be around.  Kate and I shared lunch with him at the club house and then were invited for a tour of the mighty little Coconut.


The mighty little ‘Coconut’



with Captain Coconut at the helm:



Discussing traditional navigation techniques (celestial and paper charts):



Pooh and Piglet:



Coconut departing: