Birthday Shower

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Sat 29 May 2010 04:03
Position: At anchor Puerto Eden
Weather: Mostly sunny, cool

Still no news about fuel, tomorrow perhaps.

Again spent much of the day in the company of the gentle crew of Persimmon and this evening Bob Cat and I enjoyed a little bit of a birthday celebration. I think this is the first time BC has been off Sylph since October 2008. I even got to enjoy a hot shower in Persimmon's commodious heads.

A pleasant day.

All is well.

Bob Cat:

This evening mysteriously I am bundled into a small container, I can barely see through the gauze windows, outside it is no longer my customary abode, something has a familiar feel, a scent from a long distant past, fresh, free . what is it? Before I can label it I am released from the catnap container into something that looks and feels a lot like my customary environment but it is not the same, there are many subtle but significant differences. It seems larger, the general layout is very similar but still, not the same at all. It is warm, there are quite a few people about. What is happening here I wonder. I look around, am patted by a few strange hands, not an unpleasant experience though not altogether comfortable. After a while I retire back to the carry case I came over in, it is actually very comfortable - I am safe from being trodden on, and it is warm. Later I am brought some tuna, almost double what I normally get. I satiate my not immoderate hunger, return to the hutch and sleep. Later in the same mysterious mode we return to the much more familiar environment, Sylph I presume. It is cold, no tuna, but the heater is now on. What a strange day. Have I been . zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.