Where Next?
Bob Williams
Mon 1 Oct 2012 10:01
Over the last several weeks I have been doing some major work on Sylph, getting her ready for her next major voyage.  Sylph now has a nice new shiny red engine.  The mast is out and being painted. Hopefully it will all be finished within a couple of weeks.
The old engine, ready to go to the knacker’s yard:
m_engine 025
The hole left behind:
m_engine 028
The mast ashore:
m_engine 024
Sylph, naked:
m_engine 023
The ferryman’s fare (gold sovereign from under the mast, dated 1899):
engine 020
engine 022
The new engine in place:
m_engine 040
m_engine 041
Robinson Crusoe, unperturbed:
m_engine 035
All is well.