Boots ‘n things

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Sun 30 May 2021 06:06

Moored at Rushcutters Bay, Port Jackson
Wind: S, F4   Sea: calm   Swell: nil
Weather: overcast, cool

One of the first things I did on our arrival in Sydney was to take the two pairs of leaky Dubarry boots to “Sturrocks”, the shop from which I had bought the original pair. The staff were all very helpful and we now await a new pair of Dubarry boots in my size in the next model up from the ‘Fastnet’ series, the Dubarry classic ‘Shamrock’. It seems that I am not alone in having problems with my boots and I am told that Dubarry is withdrawing the ‘Fastnet’ from their line and replacing them with another design. Though I see that the ‘Fastnet’ model is still being advertised on the Dubarry website as having “outstanding technical performance … not just waterproof …”.  Hmm, I will reserve further comment at this stage, rather I will wait to see how Dubarry resolves my issues first. Unfortunately, the new boots will not be in store for a couple of weeks so it looks like I will be stuck here for at least that time.

So, while stuck, we will make the most of Sydney. As always when the weather is fair I progress some maintenance tasks and in this instance I have taken the dorade vents off and taken them to a grit blaster to have them de-rusted and primed. Thank you to my fellow RANSA member, Chris Nixon, for helping me out with this job. I am also ordering some timber in from Anagote Timbers to redo a cockpit seat I made out of some cheap pine a couple of years back. And of course there are always spots of painting that need to done to keep Sylph looking ship shape and Bristol fashion – well, as close to Bristol fashion as I can come.

All is well.