Weekly Progress Report 15

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Sun 14 Jun 2020 06:53

I was hoping to be back in the water by now instead of writing Sylph’s fifteenth refit progress report. And I regret to advise that there are going to be quite a few more before we will be back to our preferred routine of reporting Sylph’s daily progress through the water rather than how much rust I have cut out and how many holes I have welded up. But, of course, we are making progress through all the necessary work to get Sylph back sailing again. Indeed, this week I think we can safely say has seen us over ‘the hump’, the big achievement being completion of repairs to the compression post and closing up the gaping holes on either side of it. Now I hope we will only have a few more minor hull repairs to complete before we can get stuck into putting Sylph back together again. Ship’s company morale has improved significantly.

Compression post repaired:



And large holes welded up (small hole still to finish):



All is well.