Fin Del Mundo

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Fri 19 Feb 2010 23:24

Alongside Ushuaia
Wind: West, light to moderate
Weather: Overcast, cool

Work continues cleaning the engine preparatory to the head being repaired and reseated - messy work! Rain threatened for most of the day without actually materializing, consequently no painting got done.

A very fast looking 50 footer pulled in astern of us last night. They have just completed a 5 week sail from New Zealand. It seems even with a good budget and new gear you can still have problems. Interestingly they blew out their mainsail and have a blown head gasket with an engine only 18 months old (Volvo - say no more), so to all effects and purposes they are in a very similar situation to me - no mainsail and no motor, though at the moment I have no foresail either so I am a little in front (or behind depending on how you look at it). I am very relieved that we are in port to sort out all these problems even if it is fin del mundo.

All is well.

Bob Cat:

I have now slept almost non stop apart form the essential calls for some 72 hours, and thought it might be time for some exercise, namely by annoying the skipper, always good sport though truth be told not to hard. He has been trying to do some strange and meaningless activities as I have is generally the human wont, but why is it the skipper so often wants to occupy the same space at the same time as me. Fun and games, five minutes is enough for me, now it is time to get back to the serious stuff, see you in … ooh, let me see another 72 hours seems pretty reasonable … zzzzzzzzzz.