Good Progress

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Tue 1 Jul 2014 02:39
Noon position: 47 52.4 N 16 25.0 E
Course: North east Speed 5.5 knots
Wind: South east F4 moderate breeze
Weather: sunny, cool
Day's run: 120 nm

A better than expected day's run has unfortunately just been overshadowed by a minor disaster caused by my own carelessness. I had been going through quite a few batteries with the new HF radio receiver so I thought to plug in the recharging unit that it came with into the inverter connected to Sylph's main batteries. What I forgot to check, and is undoubtedly why I was not using it, was that the recharging unit only accepts 100V input whereas Sylph's inverter supplies 240V, so I have effectively destroyed the radio. I was so cranky with myself as soon as I realised what I had done that I threw the charging unit over the side in disgust and vowed that I shall never have a power supply on board that does not accept 100-240V, as most do these days, so that I cannot make the same mistake again. The consequence of my carelessness is that I am no longer able to receive weather faxes and must now rely on grib files over the satphone, which has not proven overly reliable of late either. Fortunately I also have someone ashore who checks the weather every day for me, but her reports also come via the satphone.

I am not at all comfortable with having to rely on the satphone for weather forecasts. If that stops working then I will be back to forecasting based on local conditions, i.e. the barometer and looking at the sky. Technology is nice when it works, but electronics and small boats are not a good mix. Not to worry, what is done is done. I shall try to remain in the present and focus on the positives. The wind is filling our sails, the sun is shining and we continue to make good progress towards Alaska.

All is well.