Rally Over

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Wed 5 Aug 2015 13:08

Position: 49 10.04 N 123 56.06 W
Alongside Nanaimo
Wind: Calm
Weather: overcast

My week of socialising with the Blue Water Cruising Rally is now over, which is no doubt a good thing. It was nice to be able to mix with a bunch of other mostly like-minded sailors, sail most days and socialise of an evening, which unfortunately left little time or motivation to write up the blog. Sunday all the events wound down with presentations on Newcastle Island, just to the north of Nanaimo. Monday saw most of the fleet disperse after breakfast, with one final fling for the lingerers, a happy hour at a local member's house on the foreshore of Protection Island, facing the drying channel in between the two islands.

Yesterday I motored into the Nanaimo boat harbour to top up supplies and water. Today I will start heading down to Sidney to pick up my passport, complete with US visa, which is waiting for me in Victoria. It is an early start as I need to make slack water at Dodds Narrows at 08.40. Once I have picked up my passport I shall head back to Vancouver to help make sure that Harald gets his visa OK, and then it will be time to think about making tracks south before winter sets in.

All is well.