Glory Cove

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Thu 31 Dec 2020 07:02

Position: 46 58.27 S  168 10.13 E
At anchor Glory Cove, Paterson Inlet, Stewart Island
Wind: SE F3  Sea: slight  Swell: nil
Weather: overcast, mild
Day’s run: 6.5 nm

We haven’t made it very much past Oban at this stage. Yesterday we sailed to Ulva Island, less than two miles from Golden Bay, but the wind was from the east putting Sylph onto a lee shore which, even in light conditions, makes me feel very uncomfortable. I will also confess that our foray south has for me been a little anti-climactic. All the natives have thus far been very friendly; however, Oban is clearly a tourist portal for the many visitors to the island and, as such, it all seems just a tad mundane. Consequently, my enthusiasm for exploring Stewart Island has been dampened somewhat since our arrival. So, in a pique of annoyance, instead of looking for another anchorage, after me doing a bit of a funk on the starboard settee for a few hours, we headed back to Golden Bay for the night.

This morning I awoke in a slightly better mood, more at peace with the situation, and have resolved to try not to be too much of an old curmudgeon and make the most of our circumstances. To this end, this morning Kate went ashore to get some fresh supplies while I ferried some containers of water between the nearby jetty tap and Sylph and did a few chores. At 1550 we hoisted the mainsail and weighed anchor, sailing a very pleasant six miles in the light breeze and smooth seas to Glory Cove situated in the south east corner of Paterson Inlet, where we came to anchor (off the tourist jetty) at 1730. I always get a good deal of satisfaction in sailing to and from anchor without the aid of the engine, so this and the fresh air has improved my mood a little.

Here we will celebrate the incoming new year.

Happy new year to all.

All is well.