Hiva Oa to Fatu Hiva

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Thu 3 Feb 2011 21:31
Noon Position: 10 07.0 S 138 51.5 W
Course: 150 Speed: 4.5 Knots
Wind: East, F3 Gentle breeze
Weather: Mostly sunny, occasional showers, warm

With a 40 mile sail ahead of us for the day, yesterday evening I secured the dinghy on deck and set the alarm for 5.30 so as to get an early start to the day and to give us the best chance possible to make Fatu Hiva before dark. Thus by 6.20 the anchor was aweigh and we sailed from BaieTa Hauku with a light breeze from the northwest and right behind us. Once clear of the harbour however the wind fitfully puffed and died leaving Sylph wallowing in a vertiginous swell, sails all aslatting. Believing this to be largely a wind shadow caused by the surrounding islands I furled the jib, started the engine and we proceeded under power for half an hour before once again finding the ever faithful trade wind. Now we have settled down close hauled on the port tack, a nice gentle breeze has us punching gently into the now regular swell making about four to five knots, so with a little luck we should easily achieve my goal of being at anchor by sunset.
All is well.