Kangaroo Island

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Wed 23 Jan 2019 03:34

Position: 35 47.70 S  137 50.61 E
At anchor Eastern Cove, Kangaroo Island
Wind: SE,  F5 – fresh breeze
Sea: calm    Swell: Nil
Weather: sunny, warm
Day’s Run: 32 nm

Conditions continued mostly light yesterday; consequently, we did not get to anchor until 20.30. However, in compensation, we were treated to a near perfect sail into Eastern Cove, tacking against the light south easterly with a mere ripple for waves and a bright orange sun setting to starboard and large full silver moon rising to port.

We have enjoyed a peaceful night and this morning I took advantage of the clear, relatively warm waters to break out the hooker gear, jump over the side and clean Sylph’s bottom. The growth wasn’t too bad but clearly the antifouling is pretty much at the end of its life and we will need to be looking for somewhere to haul out in the not too distant future.

Shortly, we will weigh anchor and make our way into American River.

All is well.