Patches Patched

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Fri 1 Apr 2011 05:38
Moored Apataki Carenage
Wind: East, F3 Gentle breeze
Weather: Mostly sunny, warm

I arose early this morning expecting Alfred to call me in at eight to partially haul Sylph out to patch the damaged areas in her anti-fouling. After breakfast and squaring everything away I spent much of the morning waiting and glancing ashore periodically looking for signs of activity. Then all of a sudden, a bit after nine, Alfred called me on the radio and asked me to come in. It took me but a moment to flash up the engine, slip the mooring and negotiate the coral heads between the mooring and the beach where the trailer was waiting. 15 minutes later Sylph was once more exposing her bottom for all to see, though only lifting her skirts to around a modest knee height this time as the damage was only about 80 cm below the waterline. All went well, we didn't slip on the trailer again and with the patches successfully patched we went back into the water and back to the mooring at three in the afternoon. Once back at the mooring I inspected the hull once again and I am pleased to say that now all looks good.

Tomorrow we sail at first light, or at least when there is sufficient light to be able to see the coral heads that are scattered treacherously throughout any coral lagoon – about seven should be good. We will make our way to the northern passage and there make out exit from Apataki Atoll. I am hoping I will get the timing right so that it will be near slack water when we transit the northern passage. From Apataki we will head for Rangiroa, another atoll some 80 miles NNW of here, which I understand is worth a visit. We will spend a few days exploring Rangiroa then head for Papeete.

All is well.