Where Next?
Bob Williams
Fri 13 Sep 2013 08:51
1800 Position: 20 09.24 S 148 36. 58 E
At anchor Grassy Island
Wind North F3 light breeze
Sea: slight, Swell: negligible
Weather: clear, warm
Revised day’s run: 30 Nm

I had only just posted today’s report when, as we were sailing amongst a bunch of islands, I thought to myself that one of these might actually be a nice place to anchor for the night, especially as a fresh northerly was forecast for early morning. I surveyed the chart and scanned the islands with the binoculars. A few looked promising, but I decided that one to the west by the name of Grassy Island looked the safest bet, not least of all because the chart showed an anchor symbol to the south of it, and because there happened to be a yacht at anchor pretty close to where that symbol must have been. It was only a few miles away and we would easily be snug at anchor by sunset, so, decision made, I eased sheets and bore away to the west. Half an hour later we came into the lee of its crescent shaped bay, furled the jib, let the main sheet out, and slowly cruised along the reef edge until I was satisfied with our position and the depth, at which point I rounded Sylph up into the wind to wash off what little speed she had left, strolled forward, lowered the mainsail, and kicked the anchor over the bow – or something like that. Anyway, all went smoothly and now here we are. Dinner is ready. The only things missing are the love of my life, and a glass of red, but nonetheless,
All is well.