Where Next?
Bob Williams
Tue 24 Jun 2014 02:55
Noon position: 42 51.5 N 145 30.9 E
Course: North east , Speed 2.5 knots
Wind: south F2
Weather: overcast and cool
Day's run: 40 nm (53 sailed and drifted)

While forty miles is not a great day's run it is certainly a lot better than 24. I am hoping for a little more wind tomorrow so, with luck, we shall see another improvement then. We need to otherwise I might be forced to break out the fishing gear to supplement the food supplies, desperate straits indeed.

We were accompanied by a pod of whales last night for quite a while. I could not see them but could hear them all around us. I tried to see them by torchlight but the fog just swallowed up the beam of light in a white ball. They must have been pretty close for when I turned the torch off I could make out the phosphorescence where they were swimming. Their long slow heavy breaths makes me think that they were quite large and slow, and therefore most likely humpbacks. Perhaps they thought Sylph needed a bit of encouragement.

The sun is no longer shining, but the overnight fog lifted this morning and RC reckons there is enough warmth in the weak rays breaking through the overcast sky to make it worthwhile to absorb some of them while sleeping on a cushion in the cockpit.

All is well.