Keeping Busy

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Sun 7 Nov 2010 00:19

At anchor Bahia Cumberland, Robinson Crusoe Island
Wind Calm early becoming moderate southwest later
Weather: Mostly sunny, mild

Today I decided the best therapy for avoiding too much self pity was to keep busy. With that in mind this morning I started some minor maintenance jobs, attending to couple of spots of rust near the anchor roller and repainting the two large dorade vents. After this I went ashore for a hike to the top of Salsipuedes. This provided me with some good exercise and some excellent views of the northeast side of the island.. On my return I took advantage of Allen’s kind hospitality and enjoyed a nice hot shower. Before I left he had loaded me up with some food including a couple of pieces of fish, which, as I rowed back to Sylph made me feel positively guilty and not a little lonely As you can see below there is an empty space in the boat.. But we mustn’t be maudlin and I am hopeful that this space will be filled somehow.

All is well.