Hitch Hiking Heron

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Fri 30 May 2014 04:39
Noon Position: 37 20.9 N 136 03.9 E
Course: East. Speed: 4 knots
Wind: South, F3, gentle breeze
Weather: sunny, mild
Day's run: 90 nm

The seas have now flattened out and a nice gentle breeze has come in from the south. Consequently we have enjoyed a very pleasant sail overnight, with the mainsail and drifter drawing us along smoothly at three to four knots, our motion barely perceptible, the stars bright overhead, and just the gentle swish of the water gliding past the hull to lull us to sleep (in twenty minute stretches). Much, much better than the previous night of rolling and crashing about.

This morning we have picked up a passenger, a grey heron. Somehow she has ended up a long way out to sea. She has been here for several hours now and has rather made herself at home in the cockpit, sometimes perched on the wheel, and sometime sitting on the companionway seat. At one point RC was standing on the companionway steps not two feet away looking up at Heron in a most interested way, unbeknown to Heron. I thought it prudent not to allow the relationship to get any closer.

Given the light conditions forecast for Sunday and the fact that I have my final essay due on Sunday, and with the further consideration of a hitch hiking heron that needs to be put ashore, I have decided to make for Wajima rather than drift around out here. We should arrive sometime tonight. Once the essay is finished and submitted then I can focus my mind more completely on the journey ahead. The Aleutians, I suspect, are going to be a rather challenging sail.

All is well.