Weekly Progress Report 6

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Sun 12 Apr 2020 08:44
Not a lot of progress to report this week as work in the V-berth area has grown significantly from what I was expecting. Whereas I was hoping to only have to deal with a rusty spot on the starboard side but, as I have stripped back the lining, the trail of rust has led me further and further into the bilges requiring almost all of the V-berth furniture to be stripped. In doing so I have discovered several additional areas of wasted metal that I have had to cut out and weld up. These have now been dealt with and we are ready to start painting, but …
The COVID-19 lockdown is also starting to impact progress. I am now out of rusty metal primer so cannot continue preserving the hull until I acquire some more. Hopefully I will be able to sort this out on Tuesday. Also, with the hardware stores closed, I am running low on timber so I am scrounging from my existing supplies and scraps lying around the yard as best I can.
The starboard side of the V-berth - almost ready to refit the lining:
Below the V-berth – a bit of a mess but getting there:
Some of the welding –
from the inside:
and the outside:
All is well.