More Fish

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Sat 17 Oct 2009 14:09
Position: 16 37.7 N 021 55.0 W
Course: South by west, Speed 5 knots
Wind: Northeast, fresh breeze
Weather: Overcast, very warm
Day's Run: 133

Another 24 hours of trade wind sailing, making good progress and will pass
to the east of the Cabo Verde Islands today.

Plenty of flying fish on deck this morning so BC got a good feed, in fact
more than he could eat. But he is still not happy, he gave me a good talking
to as he heads from his food bowl back to his bunk.

Bob Cat:

My prayers have been answered - fish, fish , fish . . . I can hardly .
chomp . believe . chomp . it . chomp, chomp .. hmm delicious . chomp ..
happy, happy, happy .. chomp, chomp .. yum yum . . chomp . .. oh oh!
There is a
bit more here than I thought, I think I better go and have a little lie down
. . . Zzzzzzzz.

Luke 11:9-11