Departed Twofold Bay

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Mon 14 Jun 2021 04:48

1400 Position: 37 09.9 S   150 03.1 E
Course: SSE    Speed: 5 knots
Wind: SW, F4   Sea: slight   Swell: SE, 1 meter
Weather: partly cloudy, mild
Days run: 10 nm

The news this morning reported that the outlook for the COVID situation in Melbourne is looking positive. The weather forecast remains the same: light to moderate headwinds for today, easing overnight, light tomorrow, fair from the east later tomorrow, and returning to westerly headwinds later in the week. There seemed no good reason not to continue on our way though, given that the headwinds would be easing tonight, there was no hurry to get under way either.

So, I had breakfast, did a few chores including a minor adjustment to the windvane (a pin had shifted allowing excessive play in one of its moving parts), then got the dinghy aboard, hoisted the mainsail with a precautionary reef, slipped the mooring, set the jib, and sailed.

All is well.