Where Next?
Bob Williams
Sat 27 Feb 2021 08:26
Position: Alongside Picton Marina
Wind: calm   Sea: calm   Swell: nil
Weather: sunny, warm

Having purchased all the boat bits we needed from the marine shops in Waikawa, yesterday we proceeded to the fuel dock, topped up the fuel tanks and then motored around to the Picton Marina. Here we have completed the domestic chores, in particular reprovisioning. Strangely there is no supermarket, not even a small grocery store, in Waikawa and apparently neither is there any public transport between the two, so the easiest thing was to move Sylph here to reprovision. Now that is done we are once more ready to continue sailing.

Tomorrow I intend to depart Picton at high water, around midday, and catch the ebb stream to Jackson Bay which is just inside the Tory Channel entrance. The tidal stream through the entrance can exceed six knots so it is important to transit the channel at slack water. We will anchor in Jackson Bay overnight and on Monday get underway so as to be at the entrance at slack water which is predicted to be at about 1130. We will then cross Cook Strait and make for Wellington. 

I wonder whether I can get a ticket to the T20 game on Wednesday. Guess I had best get there first.

All is well.