Voyage Complete (for 2008)

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Fri 5 Sep 2008 22:45
Position: 38 58.4 N 076 29.6 W
At Anchor Spa Creek, Annapolis
Weather: Overcast

The voyage for 2008 is complete; we are now back to where we started from
three months ago, at anchor in Spa Creek off Annapolis. The sail up
Delaware Bay, through the Delaware/Chesapeake Canal and then down Chesapeake
Bay was long and tiring with little or no wind for most of it and therefore
lots of motoring. We anchored for a few hours after getting around Cape May
as the wind had died, the tide had turned, the water was shallow and I, like
the wind, had run out of puff. We anchored again for a few hours once
through the canal, as it was late, and once more there was no wind and I
needed a rest. But not for long, we were underway again at 4.15 a.m. and
then motored the remaining 48 miles to Annapolis. Now that we were back in
brown water I was keen to complete the voyage and rejoin my Annapolis
This morning we cleared customs and immigration so the yellow Q flag is
hauled down. Now we will be port bound for the next several months which we
will spend on maintenance and hatching a plan for the next cruise.
Thank you to all who have accompanied me on this fantastic journey to the
land of ice, especially to my sister Jenny, and Mary of the Bookstore - the
knowledge that at a least a few people were following my adventures has
helped motivate me and made me feel a lot less isolated for all the time I
spent by myself, I never felt really alone as I have sometimes in the past.
It is certainly the most memorable cruise I have done to date, hopefully
there are a few more voyages left in old Sylph and me to come.

Bob Cat:

We're here, that took quite a long time to end up back where we started
from. Wouldn't it have been a lot easier if we had just stayed here. But
who can fathom humans? Anyway, I have an appointment at the Annapolis
Bookstore, but first I need to do a bit of extra final preparation, just to
be sure. Zzzzzzzz.