Arrived Greenwell Point

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Wed 21 Dec 2016 11:39

Position: 34 53.9 S 150 43.68 E
Moored Greenwell Point, Crookhaven River
Wind: SE F2, light breeze
Weather: overcast, mild

The breeze remained steady for the remainder of the afternoon and consequently we have made good time, arriving at the Crookhaven River heads at 20.30 just as it was getting dark. The entrance is well lit but once inside I did manage to find one sandbar with Sylph’s forefoot.  Fortunately I realised my mistake in the nick of time and did not run aground very hard so it only took a little push with a few extra revs from the engine to nudge her off back into the channel again.

At 21.30 we picked up Brett’s mooring again, thank you Brett.   It looks like I am going to get to enjoy a bit of Kate’s cake for Christmas.

All is well.