Twenty Years A'Growing

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Thu 25 Jun 2009 15:17
Position: 53 03.3 N 010 40.4 W

Course: Drifting

Wind: Nil
Weather: Sunny, partly cloudy Seas: calm on a low swell

Old Navy saying, "Plans are a basis or change" proved itself again over the last 24 hours. Yesterday, as it grew dark we found ourselves near a very convenient bay, Smerwick Harbour. The entrance was unobstructed with rocks, the navigation looked straight forward, it afforded good shelter from the south-easterly breeze, and it was only 10 miles from the Blasketts. It was an easy decision and at half past midnight we had dropped anchor in 6 ½ meters of water, upon which I duly retired to my bunk, grateful that I could enjoy an uninterrupted night's sleep.

At about 8.15 this morning Bob Cat decided I had had enough, and started squawking at me about something, a noise I could not ignore for long, and in any event I wanted to make the most of the day and the weather conditions. We promptly weighed anchor and sailed from the Bay enjoying a relaxing breakfast as we took in the scenery, not having seen it on the way in as it was dark.

The wind has been very light for much of today and a couple of times I was tempted to turn the engine on but each time the wind would return and so we continued sailing. We sailed close by Sybil Point, the scenery of craggy cliffs and soft green hills making for a very peaceful and relaxing start to the day. We sailed close by the Northeast end of Great Blaskett Island, I was hoping to anchor here and get ashore for an explore but as we approached there were a couple of boats secured to moorings ferrying small groups of tourists ashore in large inflatables. Being somewhat allergic to tourists, especially when gathered in groups of three or more, I decided to content myself with sailing around the island and the others nearby. I have certainly been lucky with the weather conditions, from all that I have read this area is notorious for rough seas, poor visibility and difficult sailing, but we have enjoyed a beautiful day, perhaps just a little more wind would have been nice, I did resort to motoring between Inishvickillane and Inishnabro (if you haven't worked it out yet inish is Irish for island), and now as I write this we are drifting a little south of Tearaght Rocks waiting for some breeze.

As mentioned yesterday I was planning on making for either Ventry or Dingle Harbour tonight but seeing as we had last night at anchor I think we will continue sailing tonight, or drift if there is no wind. Great Skellig (or Na Scealga or Skellig Michael or Sceilg Mhichil depending on where you look and the date of the chart/publication) looks interesting and isn't very far away. We'll see what the weather brings tomorrow.

All is well.

Bob Cat:

I think skipper Bob is getting into some bad habits, sleeping all night, that is my department, his is to feed me which he does a disastrous job off. I managed to get him off my bunk this morning, he didn't change the hard tack for something more palatable so all I can do for now is do what I do best. Zzzzzz.